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Jes HuntFor years I've heard family and friends tell me I should be an artist or doing something creative. From my earlier days studying and playing classical piano at McGill University, I made the natural progression to Culinary Arts, where I studied at the Dubrulle Culinary Art Institute to my most recent accomplishments obtaining my Levels 1, 2 & 3 WSET Wine Certification. So I guess I finally listened. Add fluent French as a language and I think you get the picture!

Hi, I'm Jes and I love art and I love feeding people. As is often the case, my love for food originated with my mom who cooked for an army every time my brother and I came for dinner. I would watch; well if we're being truthful, I was ordered to help her cook, but the passion was instilled and stuck. I cook all the time and I love it.

Culinary school didn't come as a surprise as a next step, but baking sure did. I love the culinary arts, but on the side I would bake. I would cook for friends & family several dishes along with one dessert and I'd get more praise for that one dessert. I couldn't believe it; it was like I gave a thoughtful child a gift for Christmas and he or she played with the box instead. I had to ask one of my friends if there was something wrong with my dishes and I was told that I made great food, but fantastic desserts. I know this is splitting hairs, but it made me think.

Pair my love of food with my passion for the arts and voilà! Coat the Cakes is born.

Want to know a secret? I don't even eat much dessert; I love savoury foods. Anyway, I experimented and baked… and baked… and again baked and fell in love with this wonderful fun dessert: the cake truffle. They are so much fun to create and they are amazing, so say my three beautiful guinea pigs (my husband and 2 children).

It's rare to find something you love doing and I am delighted that I can share my passion, creativity and love of food with you.

I hope you enjoy your Coat the Cakes experience as much as I enjoy bringing it to you.



  • Dubrulle Culinary Art Institute of Vancouver, Diploma, Culinary Arts (Honour Roll Status)
  • Art Institute of Vancouver, Certificate Level 1, 2 & 3 WSET Wine Courses
  • South Fraser Health Region, Food Safe Certificate Levels 1 & 2
  • Serving It Right Certificate
  • WHMIS & HACCP Trained